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Crafting a Resilient Life in Chaotic Times

Jounce is a real physics term – it’s the fourth derivative of position over time.

Though the term ‘jounce’ is seldom encountered in science class, we often go through life being jounced: jerked around in several directions at once. From a traffic ticket to bad news from your doctor to a global catastrophe, the sources for being jounced are all around us…

Software Teamwork

Software Teamwork

Taking Ownership for Success

Published by Addison Wesley Professional, this book distills Jim’s experience with a wide range of teams over the years, both as an employee and as a consultant.

It examines the challenges and barriers we face with typical approaches when attempting to build effective teams…

Practical Agility

Practical Agility

'Being Agile" Rather than 'Doing Agile'

Practical Agility is a collection of observations gathered over the past 10 years on the practice of Agile in the software industry. It looks at agility from the objective perspective of someone that doesn’t depend on selling the concept to make a living…



Articles and Case Studies

What is the result of theory meeting reality?  We invite you to learn how our approach has made a difference to these companies.

Jim Brosseau has been published and quoted in Business in Vancouver, the Cutter IT Journal, PM Network Magazine, the PMI GovSIG newsletter, the SEA Software Journal, and PM Network, and has presented at Comdex West in Vancouver, PSQT North in Minneapolis, the PNSQC in Portland, the Better Software conference in Las Vegas, the NB SPIN group (via teleconference) and several local associations.
A number of these articles are available for free download.