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In Search of Excellent Requirements

Examine dozens of tested methods that will help any organization improve the way it elicits, analyzes, documents, validates, and manages its software requirements.

In this workshop we discuss the basic concepts of requirements management along with practical methods for managing changes to requirements. These techniques can reduce project risk by improving the quality and control of the requirements, thereby increasing the likelihood of a successfully completed project. Characteristics of excellent requirements statements and requirements specifications are presented and used to evaluate some sample functional requirements.

Available in 2 and 3-day versions in person and online.

  • Creating an effective customer-developer partnership
  • Customer involvement through a “product champion” model
  • Roles and descriptions of key contributors to requirements
  • Application of use cases for defining user needs and system functions
  • Writing software requirements specifications using a standard template
  • Classifying and recording business rules that affect the technical system
  • A simple model for prioritizing requirements
  • Constructing dialog maps and other analysis models to provide alternative views of the requirements
  • Using prototypes to clarify and refine user needs
  • Using peer reviews to find requirements errors
  • Adapting requirements practices to agile projects
  • Over 20 different techniques you can apply as warranted on your projects
  • Word-based templates for a Vision and Scope document, Use-case Document and Software Requirements Specification
  • Decision support spreadsheets for prioritizing requirements and identifying quality attributes
  • Checklists, worksheets and whitepapers to reinforce elements of the course
  • Ongoing support for clarification of issues raised in the course from the instructor
  • Over 1 Meg of soft-copy information is made available at the end of the workshop for participants.

“Great course, it helped me see that we are not alone in the challenges we face, and gave me the tools to improve how we collect and handle requirements.”

Kevin Mueller


“Thank you for an excellent Requirements class. I thoroughly enjoyed the last two days and I gathered many valuable take-aways from it. Excellent job!”

Steve Blanchard

Business Analyst