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Project Management: A Team Approach

Founded by Gary Robinson in 1975, EM Sciences is a pioneer of team craft and team dynamics in a project context, and has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Clarrus Consulting Group in 2018.

EM Sciences designed and developed the broad range of Team Approach materials, supporting the development and growth of interpersonal perspectives and skills. When used alongside traditional project management approaches, teams work more effectively together to achieve amazing results.

This core 2-day workshop provides a unique perspective in developing the soft skills that lubricate the effectiveness of a team’s culture. It addresses an aspect that is often neglected in traditional project management approaches and looks at the interactions between team members as the foundation for the overall success of a team. Here, we centre our attention on bringing the human element back into focus as a critical factor for project success.

The session is intentionally designed to be experiential and collaborative as we will work in teams through the workshop. It accommodates different learning styles to increase engagement and learning retention. You will be introduced to approaches on understanding your own motivations and how that impacts on your interpretation of the motivations of others and how this can impact conflict management.

These materials have been deployed with hundreds of clients, include Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, BC Hydro, Northern Health Authority, Electronic Arts as well as numerous universities and government agencies.

  • Forming new teams and learning from the past experiences of team members.
  • Understanding oneself and others using the Strength Deployment Inventory by Elias Porter, a self-scoring questionnaire that identifies motivations, personal strengths in how we relate to others, causes of stress or conflict and each individual’s typical response to conflict. These insights are practically applied in our collaborative team setting.
  • Creating a Team Agreement on practices and processes that will enhance collaboration.
  • Introducing techniques and tools to increase team effectiveness for decision making.
  • Planning and conducting effective project meetings.
  • A deeper review and discussion on various hard skills used in running projects.
  • Developing and building effective project teams.
  • Engaging in project planning and scheduling: basics of the critical path method (CPM), work breakdown, time calculations, and managing shared project expectations.
  • Using collaborative techniques and processes for planning and scheduling projects, establishing positive project practices and procedures, and monitoring and reporting progress.
  • Practicing risk assessment techniques on the projects planned during the workshop.
  • Providing appreciative feedback for positive results.

By participating in and completing this workshop, participants will:

  • Gain a clear understanding of foundational project management principles and how to intentionally craft a team culture.
  • Experience and understand specific skills and techniques to intentionally bring teams to a higher level of maturity and performance
  • Experience the processes of collaborative planning and management and see the benefits firsthand
  • Have an expanded understanding of the importance of team and team dynamics within the context of project management and project success.

*The Team Approach workshops were developed by Gary Robinson.

**Relationship Awareness® is a trademark of Personal Strengths Publishing®, publishers of the Personal Strengths Inventory®