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Personal Resilience

This is a hands on, collaborative workshop which provides you with useful, practical tools to help you develop your own personalized approach to thoughtfully addressing daily challenges. The result is improved personal effectiveness, stronger overall results, and greater fulfillment in the workplace.

Explore the nature of disruption and its impact in the workplace and in our personal lives. Based on the book Jounce! – Crafting a Resilient Life in an Increasingly Chaotic World, you will gain new perspectives in understanding what often feels like chaos, and learn personalized strategies and skills to become more proactive, effective and fulfilled when managing stress and challenge in your life.

Developing a personalized approach for resilience requires you to take time to reflect and internalize a variety of ideas, so the workshop is run as three half- days sessions.

This program is structured as a series of focused discussions and explorations, combined with ‘homework’ and reflections on situations seen through a variety of affirming lenses. Participants receive a copy of Jounce! – a Resilience Field Book, and additional resources so they can create a their own unique roadmap of opportunities for discovery, reflections, and guidance on skills to use throughout their journey. You create a personalized ‘Book of Me’ that serves as a journal for insights and an ongoing reference for reflection and collaboration with friends and colleagues.

As program results are deeply personal and contextual, the program structure is intentionally fluid. Exercises are adjusted based on the needs and interests of the group.

Optional offline coaching to support participants is also available as required. Please contact us if you need more information.

Potential workshop topics include:
  • Shared stories of challenges and disruptions we face
  • Cognitive Biases: mechanisms that colour our response to these disruptions
  • A Framework for building resilience
  • A self-assessment: My current state of resilience
  • Mindfulness: Being in the moment
  • The Strength Deployment Inventory: understanding motives and expectations – of yourself and others
  • Dealing with Adversity and Conflict
  • Personal Strategic Planning
  • Additional topics as required – please contact us with your particular needs
  • Understanding challenges associated with disruptions and personal issues in the workplace
  • Fluid deployment, with opportunities to discuss particular challenges or topics as needs arise
  • Recognizing and managing the inherent human behaviours that can affect team and personal productivity
  • Developing mechanisms to increase our ability to engage challenges through considered response rather than immediate reaction
  • Working collaboratively as a mechanism for sharing challenges, developing potential responses, and connecting more deeply within a team
  • Ongoing conscious development of strategies for personal growth and resilience

“I was fascinated by our discussions around internal motivations and behaviours. It helped me see more clearly who I am, and which behaviours I can borrow to deal with difficult situations in life. Realizing that every person has different needs and ways of behaving in life helps to better understand them, and make us more resilient throughout life.”

Cintia Stela

“This workshop creates awareness and guidance for crafting our lives by learning about the power of our thoughts and decisions. Appreciating the diversity of personalities and interactions leads naturally to resilience. I enjoyed working with Jim in a supportive environment and was inspired and motivated to take control of my life.”

Shima Alagha