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The 5 Elements

Addressing the issues of 1) personal growth 2) group interactions 3) delivery of value 4) customization and 5) managing discovery. Explore how you can build capacity in these areas and how that impacts your personal and team results.

How do you generate BIG value in your collaborations and projects? Are you tired of running into the same bumps that slow down your projects and team workflow? Do the words “efficiency” and “productivity” and “meetings” make you roll your eyes? When collaboration has lost its magic, its edge and its purpose, it’s time to take back the value that collaboration and teamwork were designed to create.

The 5 Elements is your first step towards a better, more fulfilling tomorrow – for yourself AND your groups!

The 5 Elements is an online professional workshop designed by two leaders in project management and leadership as a way to jumpstart those life-changing conversations that dramatically improve how we work together and interface with the world around us. This workshop positively disrupts traditional ways of getting things done while encouraging us towards creative, critical, and principle-based approaches to working together.

A self-paced, interactive workshop that includes tools, ongoing LinkedIn discussion group and professional coaching.

Worth 2 Project Management Institute PDUs

The 5 Elements is an experience designed for people who are ready to take their team performance to a new level and explore a different perspective to human-centric approaches on:

1) personal growth,

2) group interactions,

3) delivery of value,

4) customization, and

5) managing discovery

So you can apply these skills and tools to improve the quality of team and project outcomes.

  • a practical set of 5 considerations to help support future leaders, as well as those who are navigating the adversities and uncertainties of our current world
  • methodologies that celebrate the power of diversity, creativity, critical thinking and communication.
  • methods, skills, and tactics (and tools!) grounded in principles-based and human approaches to projects and leadership.

Meet the Facilitators

Rose Hastreiter

Rose Hastreiter

Founder of Leonty3C and Chief curriculum designer of Redefining

Jim Brosseau

Jim Brosseau

Principal at Clarrus and EM Sciences Ltd.

Rose and Jim created The 5 Elements to redirect our conversations towards critical questions and topics often missed in our everyday project worlds. It was created because they wholeheartedly believe in reclaiming the power over our time, energy and efforts. The 5 Elements is a human-centric workshop designed to help individuals, teams, and organizations create sustainable collaborative ecosystems. We believe that the most important element is the human element.

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