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Nurturing Extraordinary Teams
For Amazing Results

We’re about building teams and providing them with the skills and the support needed to deliver amazing project outcomes.

Our approach promotes collaboration, trust, diversity, respect, inclusion and resilience to boost the hard skills you already have. We guide you in creating these elements for success in your leadership, in your teams and in your projects.

We’d like to have an opportunity to make a difference in your results with our workshops, consulting and facilitation services, and diagnostic tools.

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What our Customers are saying...


Our organization recently rolled out a new project management office, and we wanted to train our key project stakeholders on the basics of project management and its importance to keep our business operating effectively.

Our CEO took the Team Approach Workshop almost 30 years ago and he wanted to foster a similar experience for our team today. We found this updated, interactive workshop to be an informative, modern approach to Project Management that focuses on people over process. There’s an emphasis on improving team collaboration to improve the experience of working together, that ultimately leads to better project outcomes. At the same time, the workshop imparts the practical aspects of project management. The group spent a significant portion of the workshop working in teams to plan a large complicated project, complete with task breakdowns, resource allocations and timelines.

We initially booked one workshop and ended up running three sessions to give all of our staff a chance to experience the Team Approach!

Working with Clarrus has been an absolute pleasure. They are collaborative, open and able to translate what you need into meaningful outcomes for your team. We definitely recommend this workshop!”

Silvana Hardwood | Deputy Director, Coquitlam Public Library

“Staff found the aspects of collaboration, trust and building teams to be very important. People are looking forward to projects with clear communication, common goals, working together and attainable deadlines – all leading to successful projects and satisfied staff. This will assist us in developing our staff and the culture of the Library.

Jenna Boyko

Working with Jim Brosseau of Clarrus and Diane Fletcher of Vadis Consulting Group was such a pleasure.

I initially reached out asking for training services and they offered us a service that would actually make a difference in our team’s performance. They were attentive to our team dynamics and the symptoms we as a team were experiencing. Instead of offering a training session that might leave you asking, “what now?” they offered us a real-world coaching session that provided us with a very clear path to improvement. They assessed our program management tools and provided us with improved tools that were usable and useful.

I’ve noticed a positive change in our team since working with Diane and Jim. Their experience, knowledge and advice are priceless… and I am thankful that their services are quite affordable and accessible.

Daniel Miller | CEO, Miller Software

“In our brief one-day session with Clarrus, we identified the key areas to focus on and drilled down to discuss the best approach to take in each area.

Rather than a sanitary discussion of best practices, we arrived at a practical, specific set of items to implement. I think we made significant progress as a development group.”



Focusing on the team elements of leadership, project management and organizational culture.


Available in person or live online.

The 5 Elements

How do you generate BIG value in your collaborations and projects? Are you tired of running into the same bumps that slow down your projects and team workflow? Addressing the issues of 1) personal growth 2) group interactions 3) delivery of value 4) customization and 5) managing discovery. Explore how you can build capacity in these areas and how that impacts your personal and team results.

Personal Resilience

Are you actively managing your stress? Learn strategies and skills that are tailored to your needs. Proactively manage the challenges in your life to achieve better effectiveness and fulfillment.

Project Management: A Team Approach

This workshop focuses on the team element of leadership, project management, and organizational culture. We help you address the human element when you want to improve team performance.

Relationship Awareness with the SDI

Used to support team building, conflict management, leadership development, and communication enhancement, the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) provides people with a window into the motives that drive you and others when things are going well and during conflict or opposition.

In Search of Excellent Requirements

How often have you been part of a software project where work is underway before the project has been fully defined? How often, during the project review of a particularly painful project, has one of the recommendations been to spend more time at the beginning defining a project's requirments?

If you take the time to define requirements, what are some of the best approaches for a better result?

Complete Solutions

Consulting, Facilitation, Mentoring, Assessments

Sometimes you only need a little guidance and sometimes a bit more way-finding is required. We bring our experience, expertise and objective perspectives to guide and mentor you so we can identify the areas where small changes can result in big improvements.

Project Plan Facilitation

Structuring the most productive and effective path forward on your project from your current point.

Retrospective Facilitation

Helping you make the most out of the learnings from your projects to enhance future performance.

Team Growth Strategizing

Having challenges in meeting your goals and objectives?  Lean on us to provide you with guidance and perspective to more quickly overcome these obstacles.

Performance Diagnostic

This service provides an objective, fast analysis of your team’s performance, with results driving a discussion of strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Organizational Culture Assessment

This instrument assesses an organization’s culture in relation to its external environment and the nature of its work processes. It identifies both the ideal culture, and the specific organizational behaviors and practices which are not congruent with the ideal.

Planning and Estimation Support

Whether you are looking for ways to improve your skills in this area or looking for support on a specific project, our objective is to provide you with a complete solution to make reasonable estimates to project completion.

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Jalapeño Employee Engagement

collaborate on a talk:

Building Greater Inclusion in a Socially Distanced World.