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A Team Approach

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Workshop Curriculum

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Workshop Curriculum

DAY 1 | 3 Hours

Introductions & Session Expectations

Group Activity: Past Project Experience

Miro Walkthrough: Introduction to Collaborative Planning Online

Group Activity: Project Selection

Post-Session: Completion of Strength Deployment Inventory

DAY 2 | 3 hours

Underlying SDI Premises

Group Activity: Living Triangle

Discussion of SDI Results Distribution

Group Work: Team Agreements

Post-Session: Familiarization with Miro

DAY 3 | 3 hours

Group Activity: Collaborative Planning


Categories of Work, Tasks

Project Network Development

Critical Path Method

Project Risk Assessment

DAY 4 | 3 hours

Collaborative Planning Exercise Debrief

Tracking Progress, Change Management

Group Activity: Identifying Next Steps

Individual Reflection: the Johari Window

Group Activity: Appreciative Feedback

Key Topic Areas

Principles of project management and team building

Project Planning Concepts

Review and discussion of learning

Key Learning Outcomes

Gain a clear understanding of foundational project management principles and how to intentionally craft a team culture

Experience and understand specific skills and techniques to intentionally bring teams to a higher level of maturity and performance

Experience the processes of collaborative planning and management and see the benefits firsthand

Have an emphasized understanding of the importance of team and team dynamics within the context of project management and project success.

What are you waiting for?

Learn the key project management principles and gain your first project experience with us.

This Workshop is Great For

Individuals looking to learn about project management principles

Individuals wanting to work effectively in a team environment

Individuals looking to earn PDU credits

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Workshop Date

May 3-6, 2021 | 9am – 12:30pm PST | Zoom 

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