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Our Workshops

focus on the team element of leadership, project management and organizational culture. We believe that great results can be consistently achieved when you build the right team culture to support your people and your goals. 

Our Courses

are intentionally designed for classroom so that you can attend one and get what you need or you can combine them with our other modules or with our consulting services and diagnostic tools for a complete package.

Our Material

has been proven to be effective in a wide range of client environments and is consistently well received by participants from numerous industries and situations. Used by corporations, governments and universities, over the past 30 years, our workshops have been delivered to over 20,000 participants in Canada, United States, UK, Australia, India, and Korea.

Project Management: A Team Approach

This workshop focuses on the soft skills of improving team performance.  Hands-on and interactive, this it addresses the issues of reducing interpersonal conflict; learning to appreciate others better; building trust, integrity and respect; Appreciative Inquiry; dealing with crises; leadership on teams and more.

Classroom and online options available.

Personal Resilience Workshop

Explore the nature of disruption and its impact in the workplace and in our personal lives. Based on the book Jounce! – Crafting a Resilient Life in an Increasingly Chaotic World, you will gain gain new perspectives in understanding what often feels like chaos, and learn personalized strategies and skills to become more proactive, effective and fulfilled when managing stress and challenge in your life.

Classroom and online options available.

In Search of Excellent Requirements

 How often have you been part of a project where work is underway before the project has been fully defined? How often, during the project review of a particularly painful project, has one of the recommendations been to spend more time at the beginning defining a project’s requirements before embarking on work? If you take the time to define requirements, what are some of best approaches for a better result?

Relationship Awareness with the SDI

 Relationship Intelligence involves gaining an understanding of yourself and others and then applying that understanding to build more meaningful and effective relationships. The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) provides you with a framework to understand your motivations and the motivations of others when interpreting behaviours; whether your behaviours are giving you the results you want; and how to interpret and deal with unproductive behaviours.

Classroom and online options available.