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Building Resilience

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Workshop Curriculum

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Workshop Curriculum

DAY 1 | 3 Hours

Welcome and Introductions

A Structure, Model and Roadmap for Building Resilience

Resilience Self-assessment: How Resilient Are You Now?

Post-session: Personal Reflections

DAY 2 | 3 hours

Relationships as a Critical Resilience Resource 

Relationship Awareness and the Strength Deployment Inventory

Appreciation as a Vehicle from Diversity to Inclusion

Post-session: Building Your Resilience Army


DAY 3 | 3 hours

Developing an Ongoing Resilience Strategy

Managing Your Resilience Toolkit

Guided Meditation: The Power of Mindfulness

Tackling Your Current Challenges

Post-session: Moving Forward With Your Resilient Life

Key Topic Areas

Understand challenges associated with disruptions and personal issues in the workplace

Fluid deployment, with opportunities to discuss particular challenges or topics as needs arise

Recognizing and managing the inherent human behaviours that can affect team and personal productivity

Working collaboratively as a mechanism for sharing challenges, developing potential responses, and connecting more deeply within a team

Ongoing conscious development of strategies for personal growth and resilience

Developing mechanisms to increase our ability to engage challenges through considered response rather than immediate reaction

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We understand chaos and disruptions in life can be difficult to manage. We want to help you, start your experience with us!

This Workshop is Great For

Individuals looking to get out of a rut

Individuals combating stress from personal & work life

Individuals looking to train themselves to be mentally stronger

Shima Alagha


"This workshop creates awareness and guidance for crafting our lives by learning about the power of our thoughts and decisions. Appreciating the diversity of personalities and interactions leads naturally to resilience. I enjoyed working with Jim in a supportive environment and was inspired and motivated to take control of my life"

Cintia Stela

"I was fascinated by our discussions around internal motivations and behaviours. It helped me see more clearly who I am and which behaviours I can borrow to deal with difficult situations in life. Realizing that every person has different needs and ways of behaving in life helps to better understand them, and make us resilient throughout life."


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Workshop Date

May 3-6, 2021 | 9am – 12:30pm PST | Zoom 

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