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The 5 Elements

Integrating the Human Factor into Personal Development, Project Management and Team Culture.
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Are you tired of running into the same bumps that slow down your projects and team workflow? Do the words “efficiency” and “productivity” and “meetings” make you roll your eyes? When collaboration has lost its magic, its edge and its purpose, it’s time to take back the value that collaboration and teamwork were designed to create.

Some workshops deal with quantitative tools for personal development and project management, we deal with the human factor. Most projects don’t fail due to a lack of tools. They fail because the people on the projects:

  • lack the personal tools to deal with unexpected adversity, stress and anxiety
  • fail to adequately communicate with each other
  • fail to have a shared definition for “success”
  • fail to consider tailoring the approach for their project
  • fail to deal with change appropriately

Join us to explore and navigate these concepts. This workshop is a self-paced, online workshop that includes downloadable tools, an ongoing LinkedIn discussion group and professional coaching. 

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